Gymnasium Christianeum, Bibliothek, Hamburg


The library of the Christianeum holds 11 Arabic manuscripts. One manuscript with the classmark R 1/11 is considered missing, but the condition of this manuscript, which is said to have contained a biography of Muhammad, is described in the catalogue of 1878 as "decaying in mould". The catalogue considers the manuscript with the classmark R 1/12, on the other hand, to be one of the two most beautiful manuscripts available in Hamburg at the time as regards its calligraphy.

Collection History

The 1878 catalogue, compiled by the former director and librarian of the Christianeum, Marx Johannes Friedrich Lucht (1804−1891), notes that it is not known how the manuscripts became part of Christianeum's library. It merely mentions a Mr Theodor Heinrich (Henry) Goverts (1748−1819), who had given the manuscripts for review to Mr Anton August Heinrich Lichtenstein (1753−1816), who knew Arabic.


Marx Johannes Friedrich Lucht, Bericht ueber das Koenigliche Christianeum in dem Schuljahre von Ostern 1877 bis Ostern 1878. Vorangehen Nachrichten ueber die Bibliothek des Gymnasiums und die in derselben befindlichen Handschriften, Bericht erstattet von Professor Dr. M. J. F. Lucht, Director. Altona, 1878, 20–22.